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Are you a grade 11 student? Apply now to one of our many pre-university programs for Fall 2017. Deadline is March 1st, 2017.


Student-for-a-Day registration is now open! Log in or create an account to register for a tour. Student-for-a-Day tours are available from February 1st to the 24th.

Music Pre-Auditions

Interested in a Music or Music Double DEC program? Don’t forget that you need to sign up for a pre-audition!


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Apply for Fall, step-by-step guide

Our online application is now open! Don’t forget that the deadline is March 1. A few tips before you apply...

Have you received an offer from another college?

Have you received an offer from another college? If you have applied to Marianopolis College and have...

Are you coming from a French high school?

Welcome! Almost half of our students join us after completing high school studies in French. Thanks to...

Check the status of your application ONLINE!

Checking the status of your application for Fall 2017 online is easy. Starting March 11, simply go to the Omnivox...

What is the difference between Commerce and Math and Finance?

Math and Finance, offered only at Marianopolis, is the latest profile of...



Find out more about the R-Score

Have questions about the R-Score? We have the answers!

Welcome Parents

Learn more about Cegep, our institution and student success at Marianopolis.

Ask our Grads

Grad survey results: find out what the class of 2016 is up to now.

Entrance requirements

Here are the entrance requirements into our different programs. 

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