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That 98% of our graduates go directly to University? Read more about the benefits of choosing a private and pre-university college.

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Application Status

Learn more about checking the status of your application and how to confirm your attendance online. 

Marianopolis College will be closed July 17 – July 28.  Admissions staff will be available to respond to any requests after the closure.  If you are on a waiting list for admission into a program at the College please note that decisions have been made and will continue to be made until the beginning of classes in August as space becomes available. You may be contacted individually or you can check the status of your application in Omnivox for updates.

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Have you been accepted? Confirm online!

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How do I verify if I have confirmed at the College?

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Étudier en anglais pour la première fois : l’expérience de Naïké, une ancienne élève

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Welcome Parents

Learn more about Cegep, our institution and student success at Marianopolis.

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Grad survey results: find out what the class of 2016 is up to now.

Entrance requirements

Here are the entrance requirements into our different programs. 

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