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That 98% of our graduates go directly to University? Read more about the benefits of choosing a private and pre-university college.

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Lose yourself in MOOSE Camp and make friends, have fun

If you are considering Marianopolis College, there is one word you should know: MOOSE. It stands for...

Ensuring a lively student life for Marianopolis students

The fact that her office has two entrances tells...

The blueprint for academic excellence

The Marianopolis faculty’s unparalleled dedication to academic excellence is reflected in their students’ unsurpassed record of achievement: Marianopolis...

Peer tutoring is students helping students and much more

Laura Paris oversees the Tutoring Service at Marianopolis. It is part of the Learning Resources Centre and a vital element of the...

Expert offers accessible support for students with disabilities

With a doctorate in Psychology from Concordia University, Ioana Constantinescu is...



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Learn more about Cegep, our institution and student success at Marianopolis.

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Grad survey results: find out what the class of 2016 is up to now.

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Here are the entrance requirements into our different programs. 

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