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You can check the status of your Fall 2018 application on Omnivox. “In progress” means we are evaluating your file; we will start posting decisions on March 13 and into April.

Confirm Your Acceptance

If the status of your application is ‘AD-Admission-Admitted’, you’ve been accepted! You will receive an official acceptance letter in the mail. Read this article to learn how to confirm your acceptance.

Accepted to Marianopolis?

Join the conversation on Facebook! We’ve created a group for newly admitted students – My Marianopolis – Class of 2020.


Latest News

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Have you been accepted? Confirm online!

You can check the status of...

Apply late to the College

The deadline to apply to Marianopolis College for Fall 2018 was...



Find out more about the R-Score

Have questions about the R-Score? We have the answers!

Welcome Parents

Learn more about Cegep, our institution and student success at Marianopolis.

Ask our Grads

Grad survey results: find out what the class of 2017 is up to now.

Entrance requirements

Here are the entrance requirements into our different programs. 

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