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We are posting admission decisions daily. Learn more about checking the status of your application and how to confirm your attendance online. 

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That 98% of our graduates go directly to University? Read more about the benefits of choosing a private and pre-university college.



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Check the status of your application ONLINE!

Checking the status of your application for Fall 2017 online is easy. Starting March 11, simply go to the Omnivox...

How do I verify if I have confirmed at the College?

We have been getting a lot of questions about Confirmation. Many of you seem to be worried about whether you...

Have you been accepted? Confirm online!

You can check the status of your application for Fall 2017 online. If you have been accepted, congratulations!...

Meet the Recruitment and Admissions team!

Whether they are at your high school discussing the next step in your education or they are considering...

Here’s what our Liberal Arts graduates say about their program

The Marianopolis Liberal Arts program inspires and informs students...



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Have questions about the R-Score? We have the answers!

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Learn more about Cegep, our institution and student success at Marianopolis.

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Grad survey results: find out what the class of 2016 is up to now.

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Here are the entrance requirements into our different programs. 

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