Alumna appreciates the advantage of her Marianopolis Pure and Applied education

Alumna appreciates the advantage of her Marianopolis Pure and Applied education

“The Pure and Applied Science program at Marianopolis is challenging but the knowledge I was able to acquire was definitely rewarding. I went into university knowing quite a lot more than some of my classmates, so I definitely felt like my Marianopolis education gave me an advantage over the others,” says Natasha Vitale, who came to the College from The Sacred Heart School of Montreal. She is now at Concordia University, working on her dream of becoming an industrial engineer specializing in project management of operations research and quality control.

“I strongly believe that Marianopolis prepared me well for my university education as well as for my future professional career. The teachers truly want to see you succeed and will do anything to help you improve. They always go beyond the classroom; I learned more than just physics, math, chemistry, etc. I learned what would be expected of me outside of the classroom, in the real world, and I was able to acquire professional tips from various professors that further helped me in my endeavors.

“I also found that the students were, for the most part, very friendly and I was able to make friends quite quickly.”

Natasha helped other students with French, as a peer tutor at the Learning Resources Centre, and spent a lot of time hanging out and working hard with her fellow members of the award-winning Marianopolis Robotics team.

“The Marianopolis memory I find myself reminiscing about the most often is the time when I joined Robotics in October and, just a few short months later, at the competition in February, we won the overall competition and the five girls on the team, including myself, were so excited that we took a picture with the trophy and posted it on Facebook saying, ‘GIRLS CAN BE ENGINEERS, TOO!’ We were definitely proud to be part of something so important: getting more girls interested in the sciences.”

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