Why Choose Marianopolis

Why should I apply to Marianopolis? The answer is quite simple. You want to be part of a great and supportive environment. You also want to be part of a dynamic student life with like-minded students. But most of all, you want to get into your first-choice University.

Marianopolis is the place for you to achieve, grow and succeed.

We're big enough to offer 10 pre-university programs touching on many disciplines, yet small enough to give you the personal attention that you need. At Marianopolis, we provide an intimate and welcoming learning environment. We prepare our students for university; that's what we do best. Our professors have master's degrees or doctorates, some are published authors and accomplished performing artists, while others are considered experts in their respective fields. All are ready to go above and beyond to help you succeed. They make a strong effort to get to know their students. And students get to know their professors.

At Marianopolis, you don't get lost in the crowd. You will be inspired. You will fit right in. Yes, you will be challenged. No one said it would be easy. But you will leave ready to take on university and the world. Our university stats demonstrate that.

Come to where you belong.

College is more than books and studying. It's your time to make new friends and renew friendships. Develop your leadership skills. Get involved in student government. Be active in sports. And have fun. That's why we offer over 80 student clubs and tons of extracurricular and enrichment activities.

At Marianopolis, students are encouraged to participate in the administration of the College. A variety of intramural and intercollegiate sports are offered – you can even compete in our Students vs. Teachers soccer games. Also, we are the only CEGEP to have two universal breaks without classes during the week. These breaks give you the chance to discover new interests, network with industry professionals and attend lectures that round out your studies.

Get involved.

Personal attention, a strong emphasis on academics, a chance to stand out from the crowd and time to be yourself or to be with friends, are just a few of the many reasons why our students succeed. We have an enviable track record of success. Our statistics speak for themselves.

  • Over the past 5 years, 98% of our students were admitted to university.
  • Each year, Marianopolis has a higher than average proportion of students entering law school and medical school than other colleges.
  • Each year, several Marianopolis students are admitted to the Ivy League. Many study abroad, in the United States and throughout Europe.
  • Marianopolis graduates include doctors, surgeons, lawyers, performing artists, writers, journalists and politicians. Many are considered leaders in their respective fields. Read more.

We are proud of our students. Join us and be part of our tradition of excellence.

Le Collège Marianopolis a à coeur la réussite des étudiants et il les aide à y parvenir. Nous avons transmis à nos étudiants un enseignement de qualité depuis plus de 100 ans. Notre clientèle étudiante, hétérogène, regroupe presque 2000 individus anglophones et francophones, émanant de 180 écoles secondaires réparties aux quatre coins du Québec et à l’étranger.

Beaucoup de nos étudiants proviennent d’écoles secondaires francophones. Nous obtenons des résultats concluants relativement à l’intégration et à la diplomation de ces étudiants.

Pour une foule de raisons, vous devriez songer à venir étudier au Collège Marianopolis. Nous en énumérerons quelques-unes ci-dessous. Nous vous convions à visiter notre site Web et à communiquer avec notre bureau des admissions pour recueillir de plus amples renseignements et nous vous recommandons de lire attentivement ce qui suit.

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