If an applicant is repeating a secondary school course, which mark is considered?
While the most current mark has the most weight, both marks are considered by the admissions committee.
Does Marianopolis administer an English placement test?
Yes, after acceptance. The test is administered as a means of identifying students who may need extra help in English writing. Additional information about who should write the English placement test will be included in the acceptance admission package.
How do I choose a program and College?
Attend open houses, sit in on classes, visit college web sites, meet with your Guidance Counsellor, and read our Viewbook for information about prerequisite courses for each program offered at Marianopolis.
Will attending Marianopolis improve one’s chances for admission to university?
Applicants should choose the college that best fits their needs in terms of size, program of study, atmosphere, etc. However, it should be noted that over the past five years, on average, 89% of our graduates were accepted into the university of their first choice.
Will Math or other Science courses count if I apply to Social Science or to an Arts program?
These courses will count in the overall average, but we also compute a separate average leaving out Math and Science grades taken in Secondary IV and V. We will not overlook a good Social Science or Arts candidate whose grades in Science and Math are weak.
Will final marks count?
Yes. The Admissions Office will check final grades in July to verify that prerequisite courses have been successfully completed and that the requirements for the Secondary School Diploma have been met. Students who fail Diploma and/or program entrance requirements will have their admission to the College withdrawn or modified.
Some schools have a “summary” column as well as a set of term grades appearing on the Secondary V mid-term report. Which is counted for admissions purposes?
The “summary” column is calculated. If there is no “summary” column, then the term marks are used in the admissions average.
Does the College offer any transitional (mise à niveau) courses?
A non-credit, optional English course, Preparation for English College Studies (PECS) is offered in the summer. Students whose English Placement Test results indicate a need for the development of their English skills may be placed in a non-credit Preparatory English (mise à niveau) course in the fall session. For non-Science students whose grade in Math is less than 70%, the College will recommend a non-credit Math course for the fall session, if appropriate to the course of study.
Will students applying from other CEGEPs be considered for admission?
Yes, they will be considered if they have a minimum of 2 semesters left to complete. Transfer students must apply by the same application deadlines as first-year students, whether for the Fall or Winter semester.
Are Marianopolis graduates eligible to apply to universities in other Canadian provinces or in the United States?
Graduates from Marianopolis College may apply to any university outside Québec. Normally, they will apply to the second year of a university program and may be granted credit for up to one year of university studies, depending on the courses they have taken and the grades they have obtained.
How are applicants from French secondary schools evaluated?
All applicants from public and private, English and French secondary schools are evaluated on the basis of the final Secondary IV grades and the mid-term Secondary V secondary school report.
Will my R-Score suffer if I attend a college with higher admission standards?
No, it will most likely be higher. The R-score is calculated using your class marks in relation to both the marks of the other students taking the class at the college, and the average strength of all your group’s secondary grades. If a college has higher admission standards, then, all other things being equal, its students will have higher R-scores. This fact contributes to the overwhelmingly successful placement rate of Marianopolis graduates in the universities of their choice.
How difficult is it for Marianopolis students to transfer programs?
Transfers after one semester may require the student to take summer courses. Transfers made after a full year of study will most likely require an extra semester of study.
What marks count when applying to a Science program?
The overall average of Secondary IV and V courses is taken and a separate average of Secondary IV and V Math and Science courses is computed.
When admitting students to Marianopolis, does Marianopolis give preference to applicants from private schools?
No. Applications from students attending public and private schools are considered equally.
Can I apply to Marianopolis for the Winter semester?
Limited places are available for Winter admission for students who attended a Québec secondary school. However, there are no admissions to Arts and Sciences, Liberal Arts and Music (including double Decs).
When are admissions decisions sent out to applicants?
Mid-March and into April. You can "Consult the Status of your application" online as of March 9. Simply go to the Omnivox online portal and look under “Consult the status of my application.” If your file has been evaluated, you will see the decision. If it has not yet been evaluated, it will say “in progress”. Keep checking the Omnivox portal!
How can I apply to the College?
Students can apply directly online by visiting bemarianopolis.ca. Check the Admissions section and the Apply section for more information.
Are all courses considered for admissions?
Yes, all credited courses are considered and included in the overall average at the time of admissions.
What happens if I am not admitted to my first-choice program at Marianopolis?
Each year, we admit on average 3 out of 4 applicants. If you are not admitted to your first choice program, you will be immediately considered for admission to your second choice program.
What is the average enrolment of the College?
On average, there are about 2,000 students who attend Marianopolis.