General Education courses

General Education courses

Whether you choose to attend an English or French CEGEP, you will be required to take General Education courses. One difference, however, is that while in the French sector Philosophie is taught as part of the General Education program, English colleges offer Humanities, a series of courses that touch on a wide range of ideas and themes. At Marianopolis that means you have the world of humanities wide open before you. Here are just some of the courses from which you can choose:

  • An ethics course called “Video Games”? Indeed. Gaming is more than just fun. It raises many ethical questions and social issues. Students examine video games from historical, technical, cultural and philosophical perspectives and consider subjects such as addiction, sexuality, social isolation, virtual communities, censorship, art and hacking.
  • Students in “Making Montreal: Architecture and Urban Identity” learn how an urban environment creates an identity for its citizens. Through trips across the city and class discussions, students investigate the messages embedded in Montreal and its architecture.
  • Seriously? Nonsense? Yes. In a course about nonsense, students explore a wide variety of nonsense, in literature, film and paintings, as well as jokes. They learn something serious: that successful nonsense is full of sense and allows us to express our feelings about difficult topics.

Check out the course calendar for these and other interesting courses you will be able to take!

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