Getting ready to study in English for the first time

Getting ready to study in English for the first time

Marianopolis welcomes students from many backgrounds. More than 98% of our graduates continue on to university.

With more than one third of our students coming from a French high school, however, we know that many students are nervous about studying in English for the first time. That’s why we offer you English-language support before you start studying at the College.

Our intensive summer course Preparation for English College Studies (PECS) is for students who do not feel comfortable speaking, reading or writing in English.

PECS covers English communication skills through grammar review, writing and vocabulary exercises, reading comprehension activities and oral presentations.

If you are not at ease with verbal or written skills in English, PECS can help provide the theory and practice that will help you get started in August when you start Marianopolis.

Get more details about PECS, including the dates and cost.

For more information, please contact Dr. Suzanne Daningburg at 514.931.8792 ext. 279.

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