Here’s what our Liberal Arts graduates say about their program

The Marianopolis Liberal Arts program inspires and informs students long after they have left the College. After two transformative years immersed in a wide variety of courses, Marianopolis Liberal Arts graduates follow many different university paths and diverse careers. Here is what three recent graduates have to say about Liberal Arts at Marianopolis:

Andrew-Phillip Baronet came to Marianopolis from Howard S. Billings Regional High School. He recently returned from his trip to Israel where he studied underwater and coastal archaeology at the University of Haifa. He says, “In the Liberal Arts program the classes build upon one another. Each semester has a clear goal for teaching the specific topics related to a period of time. For example, one semester will cover ancient history, philosophy, religion and literature, while the next semester will teach something similar but shift the focus toward the medieval period.”

Sarah Zelensky is an English teacher at Villa Maria High School, which is where she went to school before Marianopolis. She is working on her Master’s of Education in Educational Psychology with a focus on Learning Sciences at McGill University. She plans to become an educational consultant specializing in curriculum design. She says, “Liberal Arts at Marianopolis is a small program so we were able to socialize and get to know everyone in our class. My classmates were very creative and were always organizing small events – sometimes even in-class activities that reflected what we were reading or learning about.

“In the program, I learned a great deal and felt a sense of accomplishment once I graduated. I felt like the professors were passionate about what they taught. They  challenged us to reach our potential and they also encouraged us and supported us in our learning.”

Seyoung Choe came to Marianopolis from Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie. With an undergraduate degree from McGill and a civil law degree from the University of Montreal, she is now getting her common law degree from the University of Ottawa. She says: “The Liberal Arts program really helped me build my certainty toward pursuing a career of law.

My fondest memories from Marianopolis are of meeting remarkable students who remain some of my closest friends. Moreover, getting the chance to meet the teachers outside of a classroom environment and receiving their mentorship was also another great experience that Marianopolis provided. The most rewarding part of my program was being taught by the most capable and knowledgeable instructors who are very passionate when it comes to teaching.”

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