Within the Social Science program, students can choose the specific Honours Commerce profile (400.HC). Honours Commerce students will be expected to participate in the following:

  • Enriched courses in Social Science and in Mathematics
  • Enrichment activities

Beyond the Marianopolis Commerce profile objectives, the Honours Commerce profile has been established to give our highly motivated students an opportunity to cultivate even further their passion for the world of business and commerce. Honours Commerce is for students with high academic standing and motivation. It provides enrichment and recognizes excellence. Honours Commerce students must maintain minimum grades to stay in the profile once at the College:

  • 85% overall average*
  • 80% overall semester average, and
  • No grade lower than 70%.

Honours Commerce students will be expected to participate in the following enriched courses:

  • An enriched Introductory course
  • An enriched Linear Algebra course
  • The Honours Commerce Business Case Studies Seminar (an advanced course reserved for Honours Commerce students).

Honours Commerce students must attend five guest lectures and participate in one stock market competition. Past speakers have included:

  • Charles Sirois, successful Quebec entrepreneur, invited by the Young Executives Club
  • Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image - an award-winning Digital Marketing and Communications agency
  • Dominic Parasuco, the Private Label Sales Director of Parasuco Jeans Inc.
  • Mark McNeil, Vice-President Sales & Marketing-General Manager at Weston Bakeries

The Marianopolis Honours Commerce profile is specifically designed for students with strong interest in the social sciences, who are highly motivated, and who wish to engage in curricular and extra-curricular activities that will enrich their understanding of the world of business and commerce. If you are a high school student with a math (SN or TS) average of 75% or higher and an overall average of 85%, simply select the Honours Commerce Profile on the online application.

The Honours Commerce profile, like the Commerce profile, is designed to prepare students for university studies in various fields.

The Commerce profile can lead you to a wide variety of interesting careers:

Financial Analyst
Financial Planner
Fund Raiser
Human Resources Manager
Industrial Relations Specialist
Information Systems Specialist
Investment Broker
Management Consultant
Marketing Manager
Markets Analyst
Media Specialist
Mobility Specialist
Policy Analyst
Product Manager
Project Manager
Public Relations Specialist
Sales Representative
Wealth Manager

Honours Commerce students are encouraged to complete one of the college-wide certificates in Environmental Studies, International Studies, Law and Social Justice, Native Studies and Third World Studies for further enrichment.

Admissions Requirements

  • Prerequisite:
    • Secondary V Mathematics TS (064506, 564506) or Mathematics SN (065506, 565506)
  • Grades
    • Overall average: 80% (includes all Secondary IV and V courses)
    • Secondary IV and V Math TS or SN: 75% minimum

NB Requirements for admission are subject to change based on the number of applicants and space available in a given program.