ALC and Music

Arts, Literature and Communication (ALC) and Music is a three-year, double-concentration program in which students earn two CEGEP diplomas: one in Music and one in ALC. In each of the six semesters, students take courses from the General Education component, from the Music program and from the ALC program.

Furthermore, the College offers:

  • language courses in German, Italian and Spanish
  • access to Math and Computer Science courses, multiplying options for university programs such as Accounting, Commerce or Computer Science.
  • college-wide certificates in Environmental Studies, International Studies, Law and Social Justice, Native Studies and Third World Studies.

The Double DECs are designed for students who:

  • want to pursue their music studies but wish to broaden their knowledge and experience in another field
  • know they want to pursue one field at university but want to continue studying a broad range of subjects
  • are not yet sure which area to pursue at university but want to keep their options open by completing two diplomas.

If you are interested in orchestral, choral, opera, baroque, chamber or jazz music, you should take Music at Marianopolis. The program combines intensive musical study with a range of other disciplines to provide you with a balanced course profile.

ALC students are a diverse group who share a fascination with ideas and the ways they can be expressed. Art and creative writing classes are not program requirements and you don’t need to be an artist to apply. Readers and critics are just as welcome (and successful) as performers and creators. In fact, the balance between thinkers and makers produces some fascinating, provocative discussions. This program will appeal to those interested in learning more about forms of cultural and artistic expression in courses like art history and cinema; studying subjects like literature and philosophy; and developing skills in creative writing, visual and performing arts.

The double concentration in Arts, Literature and Communication and Music prepares you for studies in the Music and Arts, Literature and Communication fields, including General Arts, Communications, Fine Arts, Modern Languages and Education as well as Performance, Composition, Conducting, Technology/Computer Applications, Communication Arts such as Radio and Television, Musicology and Research, and Music Therapy.

For more information on the special features of the Marianopolis Music program, including its facilities, instruments, auditions and prerequisites, please visit the Music information pages. For further information on the second concentration, please refer to the Arts, Literature and Communication page.

Admissions Requirements

In addition to the basic entrance requirement for admission to Marianopolis College, the Quebec Diploma of Secondary Studies, students applying for admission to the ALC and Music program must meet specific requirements:

  • Prerequisite: No specific prerequisites beyond the general CEGEP entrance requirements
  • Grades
    • Overall average: 75%
    • Arts program average (no Science or Math courses): 76%


  • Pre-audition during the months of November to January. Sign up for a pre-audition.
  • Placement tests in March
  • Final Audition in March

Semester Snapshots


• English
• Physical Education
• Principle Instrument I
• Music Literature I
• Ear Training and Theory I
• Perspectives in Arts and Literature I
Choose 2 Exploration courses

• English
• Physical Education
• Principle Instrument II
• Music Literature II
• Ear Training and Theory II
• Perspectives in Arts and Literature II
Choose 2 Techniques course

• French
• Physical Education
• Large Ensemble and Complementary Instrument I
• Music Technology
• Ear Training and Theory III
• Perspectives in Contemporary Arts and Literature
Choose 2 Critique courses

• French
• Humanities
• Complementary
• Large Ensemble and Complementary Instrument II
• Ear Training and Theory IV
Choose 2 Creation courses

• English
• Humanities
• Principle Instrument III
• Music Literature III
• Small Ensemble and Complementary Instrument III
Choose 1 Exploration course
Choose 1 Creation course

• English
• Humanities
• Complementary
• Integrative Project
• Principle Instrument IV
• Music Literature IV
Choose 1 Critique course

*Note: Approval of the program is pending.