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Understand risk and learn to manage it. Price derivative securities and insurance policies. Optimize solutions to multi-variable problems in economics. Meet the Black-Scholes Equation. Be the analytical anchor of society’s financial safety net. The Marianopolis Math and Finance profile prepares you for the university studies that will open a variety of lucrative and fascinating careers where you measure and manage risk, numbers and other metrics. Only Marianopolis offers this profile for students who want to take their love of math beyond the Sciences and for students who dream of working in the business world but outside marketing and management. So if you’re strong in math and you see yourself in a career related to business analysis, then this Social Science program profile is for you!

This profile is the best way to prepare for university studies in various financial and economic fields. Marianopolis is where strong academic students who love numbers can learn to apply their excellent math skills to a future career in Actuarial Science and related fields.

As a Math and Finance student you have the opportunity to take 5 Math courses specifically designed for this profile (Calculus I, II and III; Probability & Statistics; and Linear Algebra), with direct applications drawn from the world of Social Science, including Business, Finance and Economics. Your final integrative course includes the preparation to take the Actuarial Exam 1 (Probability), so basically you’re starting your licensing process before you even begin university. That’s a major advantage when you get to university studies in Actuarial Science, Economics, Finance or Math.

You, if you want to study Math, Finance or Economics at university, or to prepare for studies in Actuarial studies. Or if you are great with numbers and want to keep having fun with them at university and in your career. And remember, this profile is within the Marianopolis Social Science program, which means you get a well-rounded education in a field that is fascinating and that prepares you for university studies in a variety of areas.

The Math and Finance profile leads to university programs such as Actuarial Math or Science, finance-related programs or Economics. It can help open up a variety of amazing careers, including:

  • Actuary
  • Chartered financial analyst
  • Demographer
  • Financial analyst
  • Insurance actuary
  • Investment analyst
  • Mathematician
  • Money-market analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Research associate, financial services
  • Statistical analyst

Just like every Marianopolis Social Science student, you will be eligible (and more than ready for!) a number of other university programs, including Business. That’s because our Social Science program offers many other opportunities to round out your college education and give you varied experiences, sought by future employers.

Admissions Requirements

The basic entrance requirement for admission to Marianopolis is the Quebec Diploma of Secondary Studies and for the Social Science-Math and Finance profile include the following:

  • Prerequisite:
    • Secondary V Mathematics TS (064506, 564506) or Mathematics SN (065506, 565506)
  • Grades:
    • Overall average: 80%
    • Secondary IV and V Math TS or SN: 85% minimum in each course

NB Requirements for admission are subject to change based on the number of applicants and space available in a given program.

Semester Snapshots


• English
• French
• Physical Education
• Fundamentals of Business
• Macroeconomics
• Calculus I
• Introduction to Psychology

• English
• Humanities
• Physical Education
• Complementary
• Western Civilization
• Research Methods
• Calculus II

• English
• French
• Humanities
• Probability and Statistics
• Linear Algebra
• Introduction to Finance

• English
• Humanities
• Physical Education
• Complementary
• Integrative Project
• Multivariable Calculus and Probability
Choose 1 Upper-level course