As part of its mission to support students through scholarships and financial aid, Marianopolis offers over 120 scholarships and bursaries each year, ranging from a few hundred dollars each to full tuition. Many of the major entrance scholarships are renewable into a student’s second year. The College also offers scholarships exclusively for returning students.

Funded by The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation, scholarships are awarded according to established criteria and cannot exceed that year’s tuition amount. Children of Marianopolis employees are not eligible for any financial aid, as they do not pay tuition.  

Scholarships you can directly apply for as a future student

There are many scholarships you can apply for. The criteria vary greatly, so make sure to read the following with care:

The Daniel Goldman Gratitude Bursary ($2,500): two  entrance bursaries for first-year students who have applied for the Arts and Science program and demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

The Tatiana Londono Gratitude Bursary ($2,500): two bursaries awarded to female students starting Marianopolis in fall 2017 who are in need of financial assistance.

The Koch Family Leadership Entrance Bursary ($2,500): for incoming students in any program who demonstrate strong leadership qualities and a need for financial help.

Environmental Entrance Scholarship ($2,000):  for an incoming student in any program who demonstrates an interest in environmental issues.

Director General’s Student Life Scholarship ($2,500): five renewable scholarships for high school students who possess significant potential to contribute to the quality of student life at Marianopolis.

How to apply

Updated information about the many scholarships offered and online application forms will be available early in February. March 1, 2018 is the deadline to apply for the fall 2018 semester.

Online application forms: the online application form is currently closed and will re-open prior to the next application cycle. You may upload your supporting documents with your online application form or send them in a single email or mail them in a single envelope to Financial Aid Clerk Kate Fitzpatrick.

A selection committee will choose the winners based on the overall quality of their application. You will be notified of the committee’s decision before your deadline to confirm your attendance at the College. The amount of financial aid awarded cannot exceed the tuition cost for that year.

Director General’s Merit Scholarships

Each year, Marianopolis offers five $2,500 scholarships to first-year students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and who have completed Secondary IV and V in a Quebec high school. Recipients of the Director General’s Merit Scholarships are selected based on their final high school grades. They are invited to apply soon after they begin their first semester at the College.

Scholarships that you are automatically considered for as a new student based on high school grades

The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation gives over 100 scholarships and awards to students each spring. These are applied as credit toward a student’s tuition in the fall. Recipients are notified by mail.

The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation Entrance Scholarship ($1,000): 10 entrance scholarships are awarded to the top students in the following program categories:

  • Health and Pure & Applied Science: three $1,000 awards
  • Social Science (all profiles) and Commerce: three $1,000 awards
  • Arts, Literature and Communication: one $1,000 award
  • Music: one $1,000 award
  • Arts and Science: one $1,000 award
  • Liberal Arts: one $1,000 award

These scholarships are awarded according to the following criteria:

  • Grades calculated at the time of admission.
  • Double DEC students are considered in both program categories. Only one award is granted.
  • Completion of Secondary IV and V in a Quebec high school.
  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
  • First-year student only.

The Marianopolis Millennium Foundation Entrance Award ($500): tuition credit is awarded to 100 first-year students. These $500 prizes are distributed among top students in the various programs offered at Marianopolis according to the following criteria:

  • Top candidates based on program average of grades calculated at the time of admission. For students in Arts and Science, the overall average is considered because of the nature of program.
  • Double DEC students are considered in both categories. Only one award is granted.
  • Currently attending and having completed Secondary IV in a Quebec  high school.


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